Oxygen sensor location

Here are the 2 oxygen sensors next to your catalytic converter (red squares). The one on the right is bank 1 sensor 1 and the one on the left is bank 1 sensor 2. On a 3 sensor per bank system, Sensor 2 is located on the catalyst and Sensor 3 is located after the catalyst. Catalog Locations. The front of the engine. We now have up to 4 sensor on a given vehicle. There is one on each exhaust manifold, one after those two pipes converge, and one after the catalytic converter.

The sensor is typically located on the passenger side of the car, mounted directly onto the exhaust pipe near the catalytic converter. When the sensor goes bad. The upstream oxygen sensor(s) are located below the exhaust manifold flanges and above the catalytic converter. The downstream oxygen sensor(s) are located in. The oxygen sensor is located in the car's exhaust system, which allows the fuel injection and engine timing to work efficiently.

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The 1st sensor is located closest to the engine and the last is located at the rear of the exhaust system. Generally, if we are talking about O2 sensors: Sensor. Modern vehicles with V-6 or V-8 engines could have as many as four O2 sensors — one located in each cylinder bank and one after each catalytic converter. If. Bank 1 is on the side where cylinder 1 is located; that's for any car. On the Mercedes – Benz V6 and V8 engines Bank 1 refers to the right side of the vehicle. Typically, there is one O2 sensor before the catalytic converter (upstream) and another one that follows (downstream). Double that number if you have a dual-.
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