Fitting A Heated Towel Rail

Connection EPS to the network · Buy floor heated towel rail, which can be placed closer to the outlet if necessary. · Install additional waterproof outlet near. First, decide which side you want to connect the electrical supply to and then allocate the appropriate legs to each of the three remaining mounting points. Due to Part P regulations on fitting electrical appliances in bathrooms, it's highly recommended that you get a qualified electrician to fit your towel rail –. Can A Towel Warmer Replace A Radiator In a word, yes. Because they run off the same central heating and plumbing system as a radiator, you can easily swap one. The easiest way to replace a radiator with a towel rail is to find a towel rail which is the same size as the radiator. If the valves of the two are the same.

Cost to fit a heated towel rail based on the hourly rate of a heating engineer in your local area. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. The RTR and STR series of heated towel rails are DUAL PURPOSE. Supplied as Plug In with a moulded plug for 'soft wiring' AND also. Start by fitting the blanking plug in one side where you want the top of your towel rail to be. On the other side, fit the air vent. Tighten these by hand, and. A WarmlyYours electric heated towel rack should be installed at least 24” away from a wet location like a shower, tub, etc. Always install a WarmlyYours. Generally the bleed valve would be fitted to the opposite side of the rail to the element (but this is not essential). Fig. 1 -. Air vent & blanking plug & 2. This is one of the radiator tails that will be screwed into the bottom of the radiator in order to take the valves. Wrap the thread of the tail with. Steps · 1Mark the position · 2Trace the legs · 3Find the stud · 4Prepare the wall · 5Screw in the mushroom screw · 6Hang the towel rail · 7Find the perfect. This Aguzzo® Vertical Heated Towel Rail is constructed from heavy grade grade stainless steel. Its mm width and vertical construction makes it. When fitting a heated towel rail in your bathroom you should first ensure you buy the correct one. We help you find the right one, as well as installing it. Measure the distance from the bottom of the heated towel rail to the centre of the bottom brackets. Use your pencil to mark that centre point on the wall the.

If unsure, contact a professional installer/electrician, or call us at. () Mounting the towel warmer is very simple with the enclosed instructions. The easiest way to fit your new towel radiator is to replace a radiator of the same width. In that case there's no need to drain your system, or to take up your. If the towel rail is going to be plugged into a powerpoint, then you can easily install the towel rail yourself. However, if you are hardwiring the towel rail. To fit the three wall bracket tubes to the nuts on the back of the towel rail, partially undo the grub screw in each stainless steel tube using. The installation process · Step One: Draining the hot water · Step two: Removing the existing radiator · Step Three: Assembling the new towel rail · Step Four. Fit the radiator valves and connect the central heating pipes. 6. Open the radiator air bleed valve and purge any air that may be trapped. 7. Your towel warmer. To fit your radiator valves, turn the towel rail over. A straight radiator valve can be used if your pipe work emerges straight through the floor. An angle grab. The weight of the towel rail is about Kg and all the other fittings (switch, cable, bolts etc) will add around another 1Kg. The towel rail is mounted on the. IMPORTANT! Please read this manual before attempting to install your Warmup product. Complete and submit your warranty form.

This Aguzzo® Heated Towel Rail is constructed from heavy grade grade stainless steel. Its mm width is perfect for bigger bathrooms and walls. Measuring for an Electric Towel Rail. You will be installing the Thermorail as part of a high voltage mains electrical circuit. To ensure your safety and to protect the Thermorail, switch off the. Heated Towel Rail. Fitting Instructions. Before starting any installation project please consider the following: Prior to drilling into walls, check there are. You can do so even during the scorching summer months when your central heating system won't be switched on. Where to install a Heated Towel Rack.

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