In the United States, certain federal and state laws make it illegal for a potential employer to discriminate against a job applicant based on race, color. 9. When was the last time you used illegal drugs? It's illegal for employers to ask you about past drug addiction, but they can ask you if you're currently. Here are some interview questions that are illegal—and what to do if you're asked an illegal interview question during your next interview. Illegal interview questions are those that are deemed discriminatory by the EEOC, based on several pieces of important US legislation. Interview questions about. Illegal Question: Do you have any disabilities or medical conditions?, Do you take any prescription drugs?, How is your health?, Have you been diagnosed with a.

Unlawful Inquiries: Questions concerning a spouse or spouse's employment or salary, childcare arrangements, or dependents, such as “How will your husband feel. Although most employers know it is inappropriate to ask certain interview questions, it still occurs at times. If you are asked an illegal question during an. According to employment law, illegal interview questions include any questions that don't directly relate to your open roles. This means questions covering. What Are Illegal Interview Questions? Illegal job questions are questions that have nothing to do with your skills and ability to do the job. They're usually. Illegal Questions: What is your marital status? What does your husband/wife do? · Acceptable Job-related Questions: Employers may ask whether an applicant can. Despite the widely held belief that there are "illegal questions" that can never be asked during a job interview, what the law says is that. Illegal Interview Questions The following are some illegal interview questions along with related questions that are legal. Questions about an applicant's. 5 Illegal Interview Questions and How to Dodge Them · 1. Gender · 2. Marital or Family Status · 3. Citizenship, Nationality, or Language · 4. Age · 5. Religion. It is also illegal at interviews for employers to ask jobseekers any questions relating to personal lifestyle choices, for example about their consumption of. You may find an employer asking you an illegal question in an interview. These questions may ask you to reveal your age, race, national origin, citizenship. 13 Illegal Job Interview Questions You Don't Have to Answer · 1. How old are you? · 2. Have you been arrested? · 3. What is your citizenship and national origin.

It is important to know your rights as an employee. Unlawful questions are not acceptable on applications, during interviews, or in the workplace. Although. What shouldn't I ask when hiring? · Questions about race, religion or ethnicity, such as: Are you biracial? · Questions about age, unless used to verify that. These Interview Questions Could Get HR in Trouble · "Will you be able to meet the attendance requirements for this job?" · "Where do you live?" (An employer may. Will transportation to and from work be a problem for you? · Would you consider relocating for this job? · Are you able to be here at 8 am every morning? Can you perform the duties of the job you are applying for (describe duties to candidate)?. How would you perform this particular task? • State the attendance. The 5 Most Commonly Asked Illegal Interview Questions · 1. When did you graduate from college? · 2. Where did you grow up? · 3. How many kids do you have? · 4. Have. When interviewing job candidates, employers must avoid asking certain questions to comply with the law. Learn which problem questions not to ask. Illegal Interview Questions and EEO Guidelines: ; Employment. How long did you stay at your last role? What was start and finish titles? What is your current and. ILLEGAL JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (AND LEGAL ALTERNATIVES). The following questions should not be asked of any job applicant. If there is any question about.

Race; Color; Sex; Religion; National origin. Birthplace; Age; Disability; Marital/family status; Genetic information. Illegal. Can you perform the specific tasks/duties of the job? o. After hiring, ask about medical history on insurance forms. 3. Criminal Record Questions. Illegal: What's your marital status?; Who do you live with?; Do you plan to have a family?; When?; How many kids do you have?; What are your child care. The questions are fairly common, but the answers are anything but easy. What year were you born? Are you married? Are you planning to have a family? None! Religion, Any question regarding an applicant's religious beliefs, denomination, or any questions about religious customs or holidays observed are illegal.

During the application or interview, employers are prohibited from asking questions that might lead to discrimination in their hiring process. The information.

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